Eva Sánchez Martz Born in Madrid in 1980, she attends her first ballet class in 1985. Nevertheless it was not dancing but music what enthralled her, and she devoted herself to it, studying at the Real Conservatory of Music in Madrid. It was not until in 1998 when she stepped out of the piano and removed her shoes for good, choosing dancing as her profession soon afterwards. From that moment onwards, nothing was sufficient. Acrobatic gymnastics brought about a trip that would change all her career. With “Cirque du Soliel” she embarked in a transformative journey, she began to feel that every minute that passed was a minute less she had left and chose UK, Italy and US to complete her training. An ongoing adventure she hopes will last a lifetime. Devoted to teaching, she founded her own school in 2003: “International Dance Studio”and “Club de gymnasia Acrobática Madrid”. In 2006, she began to develop her choreographic work. Her own specific and unique standpoint in regards to the art of choreography, is transferable to any audiovisual field or context. She produced her firsts works through Acrodance SL, whilst collaborating in a wide variety of projects where she made her expertise and experiences available to others. Graduated in Psychology and socially committed, her works are intended as communication vehicles, seeking constantly the balance between her own personal language and the fight against commercial and purist perspectives.

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